HTBasic Development

TransEra HT Basic Version 10 full development version
Manufacturer: TransEra

HTBasic 10 running under Windows 7/8 or 10 is the fastest and most efficient way to code in the Rocky Mountain BASIC (RMB) environment yet. One-click access with toolbars, pull-down menus, dialog boxes, undo and redo makes intuitive RMB programming easier than ever. 
HTBasic 10's windows-style editor with features like bookmarks, user-definable fonts, coloured keywords, and syntax error identification that allows programmers to navigate and edit even the largest source code with ease. Toggling off line numbers eliminates inefficient programming limits without sacrificing programming ease.
Users of any earlier version of HTBasic can upgrade to the current version.

HTBasic Development
Boxed CD version with installation manual
Manufacturer part number: H-WF0100
HTBasic Development HTBasic Development - Electronic Download
The full HTBasic development version using an electronic download URI.
Manufacturer part number: H-WF0100-DL
HTBasic Development upgrade from 10.0
This version upgrades HTBasic to version 10.1 from version 10. Boxed CD version.
Manufacturer part number: H-WF2100
HTBasic Development upgrade from 10.0 - Download
This version upgrades HTBasic 10 to version 10.1. This version is an electronic download only.
Manufacturer part number: H-WL2100-DL